My interest is in contemporary dance creation that strives to place the individual's experiences as it relates to culture, diversity, contemporary criticism and to the process of dance presentation that is critical and relevant to the work itself and the context within which it exists. At the same time, it is my responsibility to encourage the development of an audience for new dance that is informed and sympathetically critical to what it experiences during the dance event.

In general, I am amazed by the power, the originality, the freedom and the relevance of contemporary dance creation. Dance communicates through the inner body when the choreographer and the interpretation of it are equal partners. The dancing and the dance are one in the same. My interest is in dance that communicates from the body of today; that is aware of thought as it relates to contemporary art making practice in the broadest sense; and at the same time reveals its own authenticity. As a curator, I believe it is my responsibility to contribute to the building and maintenance of a positive atmosphere for creation where artists are able to take risks.

I believe that I may impact an audience to more fully appreciate contemporary dance. The development of an art form must not be isolated from the development of an audience who feels empowered to respond to it.

As an artistically driven individual, I am interested in dance becoming a stronger element of Canadian culture. In my curation, I focus on the individual's potential as a person, whether they are a creator of dance, an interpreter of dance or a viewer of dance.