Dance always offers me a magical transformation. I love how it digs into my body, how it makes me feel so alive. Having recently experienced a Sun Dance out at the Enoch Reserve, I realize that the dancing body is primal, 100% alive in tradition and in the here and now. This is a big statement but it's true; dancing connects us to the beat of our heart and to the beat of our collective experience. Dancing is our true chance to connect with each other – there, I've said it!

I hope you will consider attending the BWDC's 38th season of contemporary Canadian dance.
This season's offerings are really about imagination. Each one of them is created by real individuals, mavericks who challenge us to regard the body differently. I am confident that not only will you not be disappointed, you will be amazed at the variety and depth of the dance makers' inventiveness.

The contemporary is always an adventure of the new, an adventure of possibility and an adventure of celebrating the dancing body.

Welcome to our adventure!

Brian Webb

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